Sometimes, the unsung hero of a skin care routine isn’t always the exfoliating retinol that smooths texture or the brightening vitamin C serum that reduces dullness. While those are important elements of a lineup, nailing down a good moisture routine to soothe the skin after all those powerful treatments is just as essential, especially when targeted serums can leave the skin dry, flaky, and slightly irritated. That’s where a hydrating moisturizer comes in.

A moisturizer packed with hydrating ingredients (like aloe, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc.) does exactly what it says it does—hydrate—by sealing in the hydrating properties and warding off threats like dryness, redness, and irritation.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, or extremely sensitive skin, it’s super important to keep your skin moisturized. Hydrating is what keeps our skin looking young and bouncy, and an excellent moisturizer can even double as a makeup primer. “All skin types benefit from a moisturizer, but dry and aging skin requires moisturizer the most,” says dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal.

Here, find the the best hydrating moisturizers for every skin type.

Namesake The Daily Moisturizer

Multitasking formulas are a godsend for those who want to simplify their routine while still receiving transformative results. Namesake’s inaugural product is a nourishing moisturizer chock full of gentle acids to smooth texture and rosehip oil to hydrate the skin. “This moisturizer is my go-to whenever my skin is in dire need of a pick me up. Like a splash of water on a hot day, the formula seeps into my skin to give me a more plumped and hydrated glow,” says Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

As we age, our skin can often become crepe-y, which is a reflection of loss of elasticity and water loss, which this cream battles against. CeraVe's iconic Moisturizing Cream aims to restore what we lose over time. “This contains ceramides, which help restore the lost ceramides in dry and aging skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal. “It is safe for all skin types.”

Avene Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

This cream was created to soothe burns, help wounds heal, and prevent and reduce scarring. But it also doubles as an incredible moisturizer for damaged skin barriers, scarring, and irritation.

COSRX Snail Mucin 92% Repair Cream

The first thing you’ll notice about this moisturizer is its sticky, dewy texture. Thanks to its main ingredient, snail mucin, this moisturizer helps plump and hydrate skin that needs repair.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

This is the best moisturizer for super sensitive skin,” says Lal. “It is much thicker than other moisturizers and is best for those with dry and irritated skin.” The Vanicream Moisturizing Cream restores the skin’s moisture barrier and soothes cracked or dry skin. Even better, the cream can be used all over, so you’re soft and supple from head to toe.