Are you looking for a colorful nail design to add something different to your look? Rainbow nails may be perfect for you!  Rainbow nail designs will give you a ton of color on your nails, and they’re so much fun, especially for the summer season.

And lest you think they might be boring, don’t worry because there are a ton of different rainbow designs to choose from. So, if you are curious about trying out rainbow nails, keep scrolling to see our list of incredibly gorgeous and colorful rainbow nail looks!

Rainbow Nail Design Ideas


1. Mini Rainbow Design

If you want a cute and simple rainbow design, I recommend trying out this mini rainbow nail art look! With this design, you will add adorable mini clouds and mini rainbows to your nails. It’s such a cute and girly look. Also, if you want to add something extra to the look, you can use sparkly nail polish for the base, like the pretty gold shade shown in this tutorial. So, if you are interested in this look, check out this quick video tutorial to see how these nails are done.

2. Rainbow Splatter Nails

Rainbow splatter nails are a cool look that will make your nails stand out! There’s nothing subtle about these nails — they beg to be seen and appreciated.

For this look, you will create the illusion of splattered paint on your nails with nail polish. This is a great option if you want to use multiple colors but want to do something different than just adding literal rainbows to your nails. If you have never tried out this type of nail design and you are interested in how to get the look, watch this quick video tutorial to see exactly how to do it!

3. Pastel Rainbow Nails

Also, another super cute way to get a rainbow-inspired nail look is by trying out this pastel rainbow design. For this kind of look, you won’t be using super bright colors, so this will be perfect for those of us looking for something a bit more subtle. Also, you can add something extra to this look with super cute flower designs.

4. Neon Rainbow Smoke Nails

If you want a super cool and extra bold rainbow-inspired look, I recommend this neon rainbow smoke nails design. With this look, you will create the illusion of smoke on your nails. While you could do this in any color, I think they look incredibly cool when done in rainbow shades. This look is a bit detailed, especially if you are not experienced in doing nail designs. That said, whether you want to attempt something out of your comfort zone or want an idea to give your nail tech, watch the video above to learn how to do this look.

5. Gradient Rainbow Nails

This gradient rainbow nails look is also a fun way to incorporate all of the colors of the rainbow into your nail designs. You can also add something more fun to this look with some sparkly glitter, as shown in the nail image.