Are you ready to have a wardrobe that makes you feel excited about getting dressed? Are you unhappy with your clothes and struggle to put together an outfit that’s authentic to YOU? If this rings true for you, my friend, it’s time for a change! Your style is a tool to help you to feel confident and empowered – and should always make you feel that way. Learning how to build a functional wardrobe that works for you is the first step to feeling your best!

Before you begin, I want you to consider some important questions! Ask yourself: does what I have in my closet work with my lifestyle? Does it reflect who I am? Am I able to choose my day-to-day outfits with ease, knowing I have a versatile closet that reflects my authentic style? If you answered no to any of these questions – keep reading!


  1. LIFESTYLE. Even though Covid is over, many of us are still either working from home at least a few days a week. This means we need to feel both comfortable and stylish. As for me, working from home often requires me to be 7 people! Therefore, I need to be business ready for Zoom calls, dressed simply enough to be my kids’ chef and Uber driver, and comfortable enough to run multiple errands if necessary! It’s a lot to balance. And I’m here to teach you! You know I’ve always got all the tools to share with you, my friend. Click here to download my Wardrobe/Lifestyle Balance Worksheet now!

  2. LOCATION. Did you know the region you live in also directly impacts your wardrobe’s needs and fashion taste? The way I style my clients in DC is totally different from how I style my clients in San Francisco or Atlanta. DC offices often have a traditional dress code. But the office dress codes in San Francisco tend to be much less formal! Also, if you’re spending more time in your own neighborhood than in the city your office is based in, take note. (My office is in DC, which is very formal and traditional, but my neighborhood outside the district is very relaxed!). I’ve had to be very clear about my style and how I want to be perceived everywhere I go. Curious about how women in your area are dressing for work and play? Pinterest is an amazing search tool for outfit inspiration! In need of more curated guidance? If so, click here to book a Style Chat with me!

  3. STYLE PERSONALITY. Style is an inherently personal thing. And because of that, it’s our greatest tool for external self-expression. But everyone is going to use it differently! I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t love looking and feeling beautiful and confident. In order to do that, you need to get clear on your Style Personality! Ready to confidently create outfits you love? If so, click here to read about defining your personal style and learn about which of the 6 style personalities you most closely identify with!

I promise you, my friend – building a functional wardrobe that works for you is easier than you think. And once you build this foundation, getting dressed authentically every day will be a breeze! You get to look like the best version of YOU. And no one will ever be able to take that away from you. Let’s level up how you show up!