Terms and Conditions

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This page contains the Terms and Conditions that will cover every user of this site jsocollection.com. It will define the relationship between every site visitor and JSO Collection LLC as the website owner.



JSO Collection LLC, the offering, and binding of terms

This website is owned and operated by JSO Collection LLC Site visitors are governed by the Terms and Conditions set forth by the owner to include the free use of the site which contains information on the web owner’s product line, electronic shopping, and online inquiry communication. By using the site, you allow and approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be covered by these terms.


Key Commercial Terms offered to customers

For online purchases, you agree on the following:

(1) you have fully read the product description, specification and pricing before any purchases commitment

(2) every purchase completed and check-out payment process entered binds you legally into a purchase contract with JSO Collection LLC.

The prices we charge for buying our products are listed on the website. We reserve the right to change displayed product pricing at any time and to correct any pricing errors when necessary. Corresponding Sales Tax and additional information are available on the checkout page.

Payment for the product shall include any corresponding service fee that may arise, such as taxes or possible transaction fees if necessary.